Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's For Lunch Wednesdays: Birdseye Voila - Beef Lo Mein

In the mood for some quick and easy Lo Mein? I made Birdseye's Voila! Beef Lo Mein for dinner last night, and heated up some leftovers for lunch today.

The directions on the package are very easy to follow. There's the option to stovetop cook it, or to microwave it. There was more than enough to feed my husband and myself.

Here's what the Lo Mein looks like out of the package. Mmm beef cube. It took about 10-15 minutes from freezer to plate. Definitely quick and easy.

In this case, I was not impressed. My husband requested that I not make this again. The sauce was thin, the beef was scarce and the noodles were a very poor excuse of Lo Mein. When I heated it up today, the whole mixture had a weird gummy texture to it. Unfortunately, this was not a hit with us.


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