Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Julep April Colors Released!

Are you ready for neons?!

This month's colors are super bright, perfect for Spring and Summer 2013! We got a taste of Julep's neon obsession in our Spring Mystery Boxes which featured highlighter colored hair ties, and now there's plenty of it to go around for nails too.

It looks like most of these are going to be a lush creme finish, with a couple of frosts as well.

Candy is going to be a huge hit as an add on. All of the Mavens that I know are dying to get their hands on a Rock Candy!

The beauty products for this month are a cuticle serum which boasts: Experience the power of peptides. These supercharged amino acids—the same ingredients used in lash-growth technology—will transform your nails and cuticles in just a few weeks.

And a dry shampoo: You want 20 more minutes of sleep. Your hair wants a break from the blow dryer. We've got your solution—a clear spray-on powder that absorbs oil, adds body, and leaves no sticky residue. Available in the Modern Beauty Maven Box and as an add-on.

What do you think of the April box? Are you making your selections, upgrading the collection, or skipping it entirely?


  1. There's no one set that I'm completely in love with... and no one color that I absolutely have to have -- (I would really like Candy, but kind of underwhelmed otherwise -- and since it's an add-on, think I may just be skipping this month... bah, it's the 20th here, but not on the site!)

    1. I'm with you on that! I think I've gone a little Julep crazy with the last two mystery boxes. I'm not a major fan of neons, so I might end up skipping as well.
      I'd love to see more of the Rock Candy polishes available through Julep though!


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