Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Julep Spring Mystery Box Review & Swatches

Get the Spring Mystery Box! Unpack $70-$200 worth of polish and product. Guaranteed to include a new limited-edition mystery color that goes with absolutely EVERYTHING!

Someone's getting some spring bling, one lucky box will include a gorgeous pair of 3/4 carat diamond earrings!

I had a few concerns about this mystery box, which you can read about here.
Here's a brief recap:

  • This mystery box is $5 more expensive than the last one.
  • Julep is headed towards beauty products, will this box be full of hand creams and not polish.
  • Will the ordering/delivery of these boxes be as troubled as the Cupid's box.
  • Will the boxes have everything that has been guaranteed in them.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, here's what I got!

The box itself is excellent. I'll be reusing the black box to stash some of my juleps in. It's high quality and comes with a lid. It feels a lot more special than the Cupid's box. 
As you can see I got a good mix of polish, nail treatment items, and even a little bit of candy.
 I'm going to go over the non-polish items first, because they're not items that I would normally purchase for myself.

These are little neon hair ties. They're definitely not something I would wear. They feel like they're made out of nylon maybe? I think I might pass these on to my 10 year old sister.

Now this is something I needed! My emery board is in sad, sad shape. One side is coarse grit, and the other side is fine. It isn't anything special, but definitely appreciated.

One-step polish remover pad! There are ten pads in this little package, so enough for a manicure. I've heard that these remover pads are NOT the same as the regular Julep remover in the bottle. They DO have acetone. So if you have acrylics or nails that are sensitive, don't use these on them.

Julep quick dry polish drops! I've been wanting these so bad! I haven't had a chance to try them out, but I am super excited to. They smell wonderful, just like lavender. Here is the description from the Julep website: A few of these game-changing quick-dry drops will leave your manicure touchably smudge-free much sooner. Includes conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil to nourish and hydrate nails.

Ok, onto the BEST part. The nail polish! I received four bottles of polish, including the mystery color. They came in a really cute chevron satchel with a gift tag. Perfect for if you are giving this box in an easter basket, or to your bridesmaids or you know, as a gift.

From left to right: Sarah, Lauren, Lynn, Camille

Sarah: Sheer pink coral with iridescent glitter

I really like this color. It's a beautiful watermelon base crammed full of glitter. This is three coats for opacity. I am a little annoyed that I received this in my Cupid's Box as well. Why would they release the same colors in boxes just one month apart! Luckily I was able to find a happy home for my extra bottle.

Lauren: Hot tropical pink crème.

Not quite a neon, but certainly bright! Lauren shows up in a lot of Julep's mini sets, like the ones for Hello Giggles, and their pedicure set. I'm surprised they sent it out because of the high likelyhood of people getting duplicates. This color reminds me of my the convertible car that my Barbies drove around in when I was a kid. The formula was nice, this is only two coats.

Lynn: Nude, blush pearl.

This is a really beautiful color. It's soft, and spring like without being a predictable pastel. I actually had Lynn on my wishlist. The finish is slightly pearlish. And the color is less of a nude, and more of a blush.

Camille: The mystery color!

Julep advertised that the mystery color was going to be something that went with everything! And what goes with everything better than a glitter? This is a really nice iridescent top coat. It would look awesome over Lauren. The formula was a little goopy, kind of like egg whites. I've never come across a nail polish with that consistency before. But it didn't hinder the application at all. This reminds me a LOT of China Glaze's Snowglobe. So if you have that, I think it's safe to pass on Camille.

Overall I'm happy I ordered my box. I love the suspense of mystery boxes, and this one was pretty solid. None of the concerns that I had were really an issue at all, which is a relief.


  1. I got the same box you did, and am quite pleased with it. It was my first Mystery Box. I can't wait for the next one!

    Have a great Sunday!


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