Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hard Candy Spring 2013

From left to right:

  • Crush on Lava: from the Crushed Chromes collection
  • Lil Lilac: from the Itzy Glitzy collection
  • Glamour Girl: from the Glitteratzi collection
  • Black Tie Optional: from the Crystal Confetti collection
  • Sweet Tooth: from the Candy Sprinkles collection
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Today I have some of the new Hard Candy polishes to share. There's been so much buzz about these! There are 45 new colors total, with 9 per collection. I picked up one from each new collection. This release contains something for everyone. There are duo chromes, black and white glitter, metallics, milky glitters and big chunky glitters. Hardy Candy is carried in most Wal-Mart stores, which means that these indie style polishes are getting into the hands of everyday people for just $4 per bottle!

Crush on Lava

Crush on Lava is a beautiful duochrome. It flashes green, gold and plum. The duochrome is strong, particularly in natural light, and gets more intense as you add layers of the polish. This is two layers.

Lil Lilac

Lil Lilac is from the Itzy Glitzy collection. It's a soft pinkish purple, dense with glass flecks. It looks metallic with a shimmery finish. It's almost a one coater! The color of this polish is closer to the bottle photo than the swatch.

Glamour Girl

This is Glamour Girl. It's packed with rose colored micro and macro glitters. This polish would make a perfect glitter top coat over a gold or black polish. I tried to reach opacity for my swatch, this is three coats.
Black Tie Optional

THIS polish is one that I knew I had to have. I haven't had any luck scoring an indie black and white glitter. It has micro, small, medium, and large, opaque white/black glitters, as well as black bar glitters. I'm not a huge fan of bar glitter, but it works in this polish. Each brushful has an awesome amount of glitter payoff.  This swatch is two coats.

Sweet Tooth
 Milky glitters are having a moment right now. I'm seeing them from Illamasqua, Deborah Lippman, and Vivid Lacquer. They're micro glitters suspended in a milky, pastel base. The end effect is like a little speckled egg. Perfect for Spring! Sweet Tooth is no except. The base for this is a very soft blue, specked with pink and blue micro glitters. The formula for this was a little tricky, but it wasn't too hard to get good coverage. This is three quick drying coats.


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